Right On Target


Well, folks, apparently someone associated with West Coast Armory has managed to take down Packing Pretty’s Facebook page. I cannot confirm West Coast Armory’s involvement at this time; however, I find the timing of the loss of the page to be highly suspicious.

For those of you that may not already know, Packing Pretty’s primary email account, web hosting account and business identity was stolen by Blaine Everett Chapman, of West Coast Armory and Bellevue Gun Club. Mr. Chapman works in Online Sales for both West Coast Armory and Bellevue Gun Club, and has even opened accounts under the name “Packing Pretty”.… Read the rest


Last March, there was an incident at West Coast Armory / Bellevue Gun Club’s “Right On Target” class that unfortunately resulted in the death of a student. Details of this incident can be found at here.

*Photo courtesy of Bellevue Patch

First and foremost, Packing Pretty would like to extend its sympathies to all who were involved with this class, including the other students, families, as well as the instructors.

Unfortunately there has been another incident involving West Coast Armory and Bellevue Gun Club last February when one of their employees, Blaine Everett Chapman, took control of the Packing Pretty email accounts, web hosting account, and obtained a business license in the name of Packing Pretty.… Read the rest


Many of you may have seen the Facebook post on February 19 regarding Packing Pretty’s website and email accounts being hacked. Sadly, this is a true statement. The email account was compromised on January 30, 2013, and used to reset the password to Packing Pretty’s hosting account, as well as to access many emails. Gracie has not accessed the accounts since the passwords were compromised. If any of you have received an email from gracie@*acking*retty. com between January 30, 2013 and February 3, 2013, the email should be considered counterfeit, and we apologize for the inconvenience.… Read the rest