I am not a professional shooter; I do not even attempt to compete outside of my local ranges.  If I were to be spending every weekend at local, regional, state, or national matches; I wouldn’t have the time to do what I really love, teaching firearms courses.  However, I do make the time to shoot and participate as a range officer in our monthly action pistol matches because I think it’s great training; it tests your capabilities as well as the capabilities of your gear under stress.… Read the rest


My Sprinfield XD .40 subcompact with the extended magaizne, and my 4.5 in XDM 9mm in PINK!

There has been a lot of dispute on the internet lately concerning pink guns. Some people think that pink guns are a sexist approach by the manufactueres to sell to women; some people think pink guns are just a desperate attempt to make women interested in  shooting to begin with; some think they look too much like a toy; and then there are those who actually like pink guns.… Read the rest


The Ruger LC9 has made quite the boom in the firearm industry. It seems that every girl and her sister either owns or wants one. I’ve seen a lot of them showing up my classes lately; so when Armed in Heels asked if I was interested, it seemed only natural to do a write-up on the LC9 .

My review has been written based on performance in both the hands of the beginner shooters as well as experienced shooters, including my own. … Read the rest


I found this video in the “recommended videos” on youtube. I would like to point out that I asked permission from the owner of this video, Tex Gerbner of Tex Gerbner Outdoors before posting  it to this site. 

Tex was brave enough to actually upload this video of him shooting himself to youtube, and has taken a lot of flack for it since. In my opinion, Tex is  a courageous and humble man who wants only for the viewer to learn from his mistakes, so they don’t have to learn through their own.… Read the rest


This is a guest post I did for Train to Carry on why it is so important that we get proper training before carrying concealed.

All too often I hear of women who bought a handgun or received one as a gift, shot a few rounds through it (maybe they took a basic handgun course, maybe they didn’t) then they threw it in their purse and forgot about it. I think a great misconception is that if someone has/carries a firearm they are protected.

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One of my favorite concepts to bring up when I’m instructing women in self-defense is that just about EVERYTHING CAN BE USED AS A WEAPON. I don’t like to confine women’s minds into believing that a handgun is the only route to self-defense. Some women don’t want a gun, and other times, women who do have guns can’t always access them easily. That is why I teach my students to view everything as a potential tool to aid in their defense.… Read the rest


This is me in the last stage of the May 2011 Action Pistol Match…The idea is to stop the immediate threat with the 2×4 because that is what I have in my hand at the moment, then switch to my gun. I have never done this before, and this is why I fumbled getting the gun out of the holster. You will also notice I am shooting fairly slow, I shot slower to improve my accuracy in this stage. In some stages, speed is the main factor, in others accuracy is.… Read the rest


Today is my birthday, as such, I feel it is only appropriate to share my wish-list with the world. Please don’t judge me by what I want…well, I guess you may as well….

1. Auto Assult – 12 (AA-12): This is a select-fire 12 gauge shot-gun. We are talking about 300 rounds per minuet here, people. Can you imagine what this bad boy can do to someone’s face? That is ALOT  of zombie stopping power. And yes, that is drum magazine (20 -32 shells).… Read the rest