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Tuesday is here, time to share some good reads. Everyone who is anyone was at the NRA Annual Meeting, so there are a ton of great articles pretaining to just that. I stayed here in town to train the local OR Army National Guard Unit, so you won’t see any origional coverage of the meeting on Packing Pretty.  Hopefully the articles below will help feed your hunger for NRAAM news.

Veni, Vidi … Viva la NRA – by Barbara Baird at Women’s Outdoor News <—Packing Pretty’s Pick of the Week!Read the rest


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On Saturday, I spent the entire day at the range. Alot of that day was spent working on a video to be played for new members to familiarize them with the policies and procedures of our facilities. For those of you who don’t know, I am a range officer at Clatskanie Rifle & Pistol Club. I also sit on the elected board, and am the assistant director of the training department. In other-words… I’m kind of a big deal.… Read the rest