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I’ve been working on a summer time concealed carry look book. These are casual styles that can easily be mixed and matched to create even more outfits.

Just a tip: Some of this clothing will need to be bought a size or two up for concealed carry.

Urban Cowgirl:

  1. Roar Tradition Shirt $89.95 –
  2. Denim Shorts $19.95 –  H&
  3. Jack Purcell Low Profile Slip in Red Clay $80(USD) – Converse UK Store
  4. Gun Belt $69.95 –
  5. Forward Cant IWB Tuckable Holster $72.95 –
  6. Chan Luu Graduated turquoise mix wrap bracelet $190 –

Summer Sunset:

  1.  Colorblocked Crochet Racerback Tank $15.80 –
  2. Pink Pants $24.95 –
  3. Woven ankle wrap sandal $25.50 –  Charlotte Russe
  4. Gun Blet $69.95 –
  5. Custom IWB Leather Holster  Starting at $105 –
  6. Snap Attachment Single Mag Pouches Starting at $40 – 5ShotLeather .com
  7. Betsey Johnson Multi Feather Hoop Drop Earrings $38 – Macys

A Pirate’s Life For Me

  1. Striped Dolman Tee  $29.50 Currently on sale for $10 –
  2. Mek Denim Karditsa Short in Electric Blue $89 –
  3. Gun Belt $70 –
  4. Custom IWB leather Holster starting at $105 –
  5. Ed Hardy LR Manning Shoe $35.99 –

 Skirting Around Town:

  1.  Ramona Skirt $39.50 –
  2. UnderTech UnderCover Woman’s Compression Shorts $69.95 –

Brazilian Baby

  1. Embroidered Woven Halter Dress $18.00  –
  2. UnderTech UnderCover Woman’s Compression Shorts $69.95 –
  3. X-Front Multicolor Woven Wedge $35.50 –
  4. Betsey Johnson Bracelet, Antique Gold Tone Parrot and Fruit Half Stretch Bracelet $55.00 –


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DRIVING ARMED – Safely Stowing Your Firearm

Carrying a gun creates all sorts of obstacles, and part of the fun is learning how to overcome them.  One of the obstacles that we often forget to learn how to work around,  and practice overcoming is carrying in a vehicle.

I know, I know … we’d all love to just forget about this  issue and have Red Jacket build us each our own armored vehicles. I wonder what kind of magic they could work on a pink Humvee?

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