One question I get asked very frequently is “What kind of handgun should I get for home defense”. My answer is always the same: “I wouldn’t get a handgun for home defense.” There are a handful of reasons why a pistol just isn’t the brightest idea for protecting against a home invasion.

The best option for home defense is a tactical 12 gauge shotgun.

Why use a handgun when you can use a long gun?         

Any experienced shooter will tell you that they would rather bring a rifle to a gun fight then a handgun.… Read the rest

CONFESSIONS OF A GUNAHAULIC – What is wrong with me?

My Sprinfield XD .40 subcompact with the extended magaizne, and my 4.5 in XDM 9mm in PINK!


So I was at the range teaching an Intro to Oregon (and FL) Concealed Carry  class on Saturday. Everything was pretty much status quoe, but when we got to the live shooting portion, I shot terrible on my demos. I was pretty irritated with myself; so after class I shot about 200 rounds of 9mm through my XDM  (also known as the Pink Gun of Shame) very slowly so I could concentrate on the fundamentals.… Read the rest