Home Security


A few interesting facts about my life…

Ever wonder where your dogs are going to be and what they are going to be doing when you have to shoot an intruder?

As many of you know I have three dogs. I am an animal lover through and through – which is why I don’t ever want to put my dogs in a situation where they could get shot. Most people who train their dogs to respond during a home invasion train their dogs to attack, I’ve taken the opposite approach.… Read the rest


One question I get asked very frequently is “What kind of handgun should I get for home defense”. My answer is always the same: “I wouldn’t get a handgun for home defense.” There are a handful of reasons why a pistol just isn’t the brightest idea for protecting against a home invasion.

The best option for home defense is a tactical 12 gauge shotgun.

Why use a handgun when you can use a long gun?         

Any experienced shooter will tell you that they would rather bring a rifle to a gun fight then a handgun.… Read the rest


One of my favorite concepts to bring up when I’m instructing women in self-defense is that just about EVERYTHING CAN BE USED AS A WEAPON. I don’t like to confine women’s minds into believing that a handgun is the only route to self-defense. Some women don’t want a gun, and other times, women who do have guns can’t always access them easily. That is why I teach my students to view everything as a potential tool to aid in their defense.… Read the rest