This article is purely about my trip to CTC, I will be following it up with more articles about lasers as they are my latest fascination. In follow up articles I will go into more detail about the pros and cons of the laserguards vs. the lasergrips, tactics for using a laser, etc.

When I realized that Crimson Trace is located in my own backyard (Wilsonville, OR), I was determined to find out more. I am a fan of the Crimson Trace products, so naturally I was curious about work that goes into making their products.… Read the rest

DRIVING ARMED – Safely Stowing Your Firearm

Carrying a gun creates all sorts of obstacles, and part of the fun is learning how to overcome them.  One of the obstacles that we often forget to learn how to work around,  and practice overcoming is carrying in a vehicle.

I know, I know … we’d all love to just forget about this  issue and have Red Jacket build us each our own armored vehicles. I wonder what kind of magic they could work on a pink Humvee?

For those of you who don’t have the option of destroying the enemy with the push of a button from inside your vehicle, I submit to you this article – the first in the “Driving Armed” series that I will be publishing.… Read the rest


CRKT M16-14SF Tanto

Note: I made the following video to be watched as a supplement to the written review below. The video alone does not contain my complete review.



When I received the M16-14SF in the mail from CRKT, I was ecstatic about the size of the knife. As I always say with firearms and knives alike, bigger is better. The M16 surely meets any size standards I may have on a pocket folder. The one problem I face is that I cannot legally carry this knife out and about as the blade is 3.875 inches as my local city limit on blade length is 3.5in.… Read the rest