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My, how time flies. Once again it is time to share the latest and greatest from my Google Reader and beyond.

Marine Corps Infantry School Now Open to Women – by Daniel Terrill on Guns.com  <—Packing Pretty’s Pick of the Week!

Springfield Armory – by Caleb on Gun Nuts Media (because Packing Pretty Loves Springfield Armory!)

Shooter’s Petsby (the amazing) Shelley Rae on Gun Nuts Media 

Occupy protester: “Dude, let’s go get guns” – by Morgan Richmond on Hot Air (because I live only thirty minuets away from the Portland, OR occupiers and because I love the unicorn graphic)

Guest Post: An Open Letter to the Firearms Industry – a guest post by Rebecca (Rebeccaguns) on Gun Noob

The Navy’s Newest Chain Gun: the M230LF – by Max Slowik on Guns.com

Nerf Guns Back in 1941 – by The Firearm Blog

Using competition to learn to develop a game plan – by Balloon Goes Up!Read the rest


The Mighty Pen Company Bullet Keychains in
.223 Zombie Z-Max, and .308 SST

Here are just a few of the cool products you will find at The Mighty Pen Company. I saw this .308 round (150 grain) key chain with the SST bullet and knew it had to be mine. I have an affinity for ammunition (I absolutely love ballistics) and for the .308 in particular.  The .223/5.56 Hornady Zombie Z-Max round key chain was a close second for my favorite “bullet key chain“.… Read the rest


I’d like to start out by apologizing to the many people who emailed and tweeted me (is that the right verb?)  hoping to get together at the NRA Annual Meeting this year. It was really hard for me to give up going, as I was looking forward to meeting my fans and so many other great people – in particular my personal role models Julie Golob and Massad Ayoob. However, after much consideration, I realized that it was a no-brainer; I needed to stay and help our heroes.… Read the rest


Tuesday is here, time to share some good reads. Everyone who is anyone was at the NRA Annual Meeting, so there are a ton of great articles pretaining to just that. I stayed here in town to train the local OR Army National Guard Unit, so you won’t see any origional coverage of the meeting on Packing Pretty.  Hopefully the articles below will help feed your hunger for NRAAM news.

Veni, Vidi … Viva la NRA – by Barbara Baird at Women’s Outdoor News <—Packing Pretty’s Pick of the Week!Read the rest


A few interesting facts about my life…

Ever wonder where your dogs are going to be and what they are going to be doing when you have to shoot an intruder?

As many of you know I have three dogs. I am an animal lover through and through – which is why I don’t ever want to put my dogs in a situation where they could get shot. Most people who train their dogs to respond during a home invasion train their dogs to attack, I’ve taken the opposite approach.… Read the rest


This is a benefit I  am helping put on for the Columbia County Sherrif’s Department volunteer services. If you’re in the area, I would love for you to come and watch or get  a team together to comepete!

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012 the Clatskanie Rifle and Pistol Club will sponsor Columbia County Top Shot, a team fundraiser match. This match will benefit the Volunteer Programs of the Columbia County (Oregon) Sheriffs’ Office; these programs include Search & Rescue, the VIPS (Volunteers in Partnership with the Sheriff) and the reserves.Match check-in at 7:30 AM; shooting starts at 9AM.… Read the rest


Photo credit: Stuart Miles

Today is Tuesday. That means it’s time for me to break out the google reader and share my favorites from the past week. Grab fresh cup of coffee or tea (tea is better for you) and tune out the sound of your boss bitching about TPS reports.  (I have a confession to make, I have 2 Packing Pretty Picks of the Week this week. Both articles were so good that I couldn’t pick just one) Here’s the list:



Willing to Kill but not to Save a Life?Read the rest


Today is Tuesday, and last week I christened Tuesday as the official day I share my favorite reads over the past week. So grab a fresh cup of coffee and get ready. I’ve dug through my google reader and here are the some of my favorites …

What IDPA Is And What It Is Not – by When The Balloon Goes Up!    (Packing Pretty’s Pick of the Week!)

Katie Harris wins Lady Champion at Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun – by Women’s Outdoor News (WON)

Boomershoot!Read the rest


Alot of shooters and law enforcement officers wear UnderArmour gear to keep warm and dry in those cold months. The problem is, after about a year or so of wearings and washings, the shirts seem to get a funky smell to them. I can’t describe it, it’s not necessarily terrible, it’s just not fresh. Instead of going out and buying a brand new UnderArmour top for $60, I decided to do a bit of experimenting with the washing machine. Low and behold, I found the magic chemistry (no, not the recipe for meth).… Read the rest



Image representing Google Reader as depicted i...

As an avid shooter, gun lover and personal protection blogger, reading is a huge part of my day. My Google reader is chalk full of only my very favorite blogs as I don’t have the time to read every new  gun related article that hits the internet. Lately, I have been finding some real pots of gold and precious gems of written literature by other bloggers. Some of these make me laugh, other make me raise my mug of tea in a toast to what the author is saying. … Read the rest