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Here’s some reading material to get you through one of the toughest days of the week… Happy Tuesday everybody!

Local female veterans reflect on their time at war – by Anika Clark at SouthCoastToday.com <—Packing Pretty’s Pick of the Week – In honor of Memorial Day!

25,000 FPS Handgun Cartridge – by Richard at Guns Holsters and Gear

Perishable Skill – by Shelley Rae at Gun Nuts Media

With gun in hand, FBI shares how it trains agents for worst case scenario – by Colin McDermott at NewsNet5

CRIME TRENDS: Modified water guns pose danger – by delmarvanow.com

MILLER: Emily gets her gun – by Emily Miller at The Washington Times

Guns.com Interviews Navy SEAL Chris Kyle: the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S.

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Me and my Pink Springfield XD(m)
Photo Credit: Guns & Tactics

I have had literally hundreds of inquiries about my “Pink Gun of Shame”, so I decided to break it down for you in an article at Guns & Tactics. In this article I describe  most of the customizations I’ve had done to my XD(m), so hopefully this answers most of your questions!… Read the rest


Alright, I just got off the phone with Kate Kruger, had a lovely conversation with her. Anyway, here’s the reading list. Sorry the list is so short this week, I’ve been one busy bee.

Exciting News!

“We LOVE our Customers Giveaway: Part III” Enter today for a chance to win a $15 Armed in Heels eCertificate – at Armed In Heel’s FB page.

Shoot! You can win one — signed for you by Julie Golob! –  at Women’s Outdoor News

To Read:

 Rob Pincus and James Yeager on Open Carry – by Caleb at GunNuts Media <—Packing Pretty’s Pick of the Week!Read the rest

Packing Pretty to be featured on Kate Krueger’s Talking Guns Radio Show

I would like to invite all of you to join me Tuesday morning at 7:30AM PST when I will be discussing a little about myself and packingpretty.com with Kate Krueger on her radio show, Talking Guns. I will also have some exciting news about an upcoming event.

Those of you in the Phoenix area may listen on 1260AM or 96.1 on the FM Dial.  The show will also be broadcast on the web at arizonagunradio.com.… Read the rest



Tuesday again? Already? Alright, let’s do this. 

Ruger MK III Takedown….. – by Monkey at Four Guys Guns (this is an older article, but I have a MK III and understand what a booger they are to takedown and put back together. This article is very helpful)<—Packing Pretty’s Pick of the Week!

Blackhawk! Women’s Apparel – by Richard at Blue Sheepdog.com

Fun Hakim Rifle Facts – Only Surrendered Once! – by Tom at My Gun Culture

Firearms Guide – by Richard at Guns Holsters and Gear

Cheyanne Bell: Minnesota’s Annie Oakleyon CBS Minnesota

Julie Golob wins USPSA Ladies Single Stack National Champion – by Women’s Outdoor News


Reading Material Tuesday. You know the drill: fresh cup of coffee, cupcakes (or whatever your thing is), and eager mind.

I haven’t had much time to read at all over the past week, so the list is pretty short today.


A Salut to Our Troops – by Richard at Guns Holsters and Gear <— Packing Pretty’s Pick of the Week!

USPSA Women’s Titles – by Shelley Rae at Gun Nuts Media

The Women’s Champion – by Caleb at Gun Nuts Media

*BREAKING* LightSabers are finally real!Read the rest


There is a lot of bad stigma out there about gun enthusiasts. Everybody seems to assume that we are egotistical rednecks with an eagerness to shoot someone. The sad part is, this stigma came from somewhere (yes, a segment of the shooting community) , and many gun enthusiasts are not helping to correct it.

It’s really no wonder that he anti-gun people think we do not value human life. When so many people wear gun themed tee shirts with distasteful slogans, it in no way helps our cause to deflect this stigma, it instead deteriorates it.… Read the rest


Okay, it’s Tuesday. Time to share some good articles with everyone. Grab fresh cup of coffee, we’re going  kick this reading list off with an interview by My Gun Culture with Sprinfield Armory’s Rob Leatham!

Springfield Armory’s Rob Leatham Discusses Wayne Gretzky, Jackie Gleason, and Getting Whooped By His Sister – by Tom at My Gun Culture <— Packing Pretty’s Pick of the Week! (because I love Springfield XD and XD(M) )

Teen Smith & Wesson shooter Molly Smith captures three titles at SW Regional ICORE match by The Outdoor Women’s Network (Packing Pretty loves Molly Smith!)

My daughter just taught me a little about the natural point of aim – by When The Balloon Goes Up!… Read the rest


You may or may not be aware that Packing Pretty is on Pinterest. I’ve got a handful of boards, one of which is the very popular Gun Friendly Fashion board dedicated to building a fashionable wardrobe for concealed carry.My newest board is Gifts For Her. I designed this board as a brainstorming tool for those who are looking to get gifts for the protection oriented ladies in their lives. This board boasts some great items from some really great people and companies such as Hot Caliber, The Mighty Pen CoArmed in Heels, and more.… Read the rest


Every once in a while, I’m allowed to do this….

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