DRIVING ARMED – Facing The Law


Part of driving armed is preparing for the eventuality that you will have a run in with law enforcement. Even if you are driving the speed limit, and following all the traffic safety laws, there’s still a possibility you will get stopped. You never know when you and/or your vehicle might match the description of someone who just committed a violent crime. It happens to the best of us.

A Foundation for Success

First and foremost, it’s critical that you research, understand, and comply with all state and local laws regarding traveling with a firearm. 

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The Springfield Armory XD-S is a long-awaited derivative of the popular and proven XD series of pistols, and was designed for everyday carry and deep concealment. As an owner of several XD series pistols (and sometimes referred to as the crazy XD lady), I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of these to give it a try!


The XD-S is a single-stack compact pistol chambered in .45ACP.  The overall length is 6.3” with a slim width of only 1”. … Read the rest


I know that everyone wants to hear about the holster fashion show, and I  promise to get that up as soon as possible. This is an article I wrote a few weeks ago, but haven’t had the time to publish until now. I hope this holds you over…


photo via freedigitalphotos.net

There is a subject that I have been kicking around in my head for about a month now. It has been written about many times in the past in one form or another, and a few times lately on various gun blogs.  … Read the rest

DRIVING ARMED – Safely Stowing Your Firearm

Carrying a gun creates all sorts of obstacles, and part of the fun is learning how to overcome them.  One of the obstacles that we often forget to learn how to work around,  and practice overcoming is carrying in a vehicle.

I know, I know … we’d all love to just forget about this  issue and have Red Jacket build us each our own armored vehicles. I wonder what kind of magic they could work on a pink Humvee?

For those of you who don’t have the option of destroying the enemy with the push of a button from inside your vehicle, I submit to you this article – the first in the “Driving Armed” series that I will be publishing.… Read the rest


My Sprinfield XD .40 subcompact with the extended magaizne, and my 4.5 in XDM 9mm in PINK!

There has been a lot of dispute on the internet lately concerning pink guns. Some people think that pink guns are a sexist approach by the manufactueres to sell to women; some people think pink guns are just a desperate attempt to make women interested in  shooting to begin with; some think they look too much like a toy; and then there are those who actually like pink guns.… Read the rest


A P238 pistol chambered for .380 ACP by Sig Sauer

A P238 pistol chambered for .380 ACP by Sig Sauer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Four of the Sig P238s have come through my classes in the recent past, and I have had the opportunity to both shoot them as well as observe them in the hands of my students.

I realize that the P238 is by no means a newer gun, but with them recently becoming more popular with the female students in my classes, I would like say a few words regarding it’s functionality for both myself and my students.… Read the rest



XdAndKnife (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The purpose of this article is not to knock on compact , subcompact, or  pocket pistols. In fact, I have quite a few compact and subcompacts that I really like.  I have had a lot of inquiries as to why I go to all the trouble of carrying my full-sized Springfield XD and XD(M)s as opposed to something like the Ruger LC9. The reason I am writing this is simply to explain my thought process behind why I carry full-sized handgun.… Read the rest


The Ruger LC9 has made quite the boom in the firearm industry. It seems that every girl and her sister either owns or wants one. I’ve seen a lot of them showing up my classes lately; so when Armed in Heels asked if I was interested, it seemed only natural to do a write-up on the LC9 .

My review has been written based on performance in both the hands of the beginner shooters as well as experienced shooters, including my own. … Read the rest


CRKT M16-14SF Tanto

Note: I made the following video to be watched as a supplement to the written review below. The video alone does not contain my complete review.



When I received the M16-14SF in the mail from CRKT, I was ecstatic about the size of the knife. As I always say with firearms and knives alike, bigger is better. The M16 surely meets any size standards I may have on a pocket folder. The one problem I face is that I cannot legally carry this knife out and about as the blade is 3.875 inches as my local city limit on blade length is 3.5in.… Read the rest


I’m not a survivalist, I don’t have six months of canned food in my basement, heck I don’t even have a week’s worth of canned food in the pantry (that is probably something I should work on).  But I do understand and appreciate the spirit of preparedness. As a very active firearms instructor, heck, just as an avid shooter,  there is one area I can’t afford not to prepared in: that area is first aid.

First aid

Every shooter should have a first aid/trauma pack readily available.… Read the rest