Well, folks, apparently someone associated with West Coast Armory has managed to take down Packing Pretty’s Facebook page. I cannot confirm West Coast Armory’s involvement at this time; however, I find the timing of the loss of the page to be highly suspicious.

For those of you that may not already know, Packing Pretty’s primary email account, web hosting account and business identity was stolen by Blaine Everett Chapman, of West Coast Armory and Bellevue Gun Club. Mr. Chapman works in Online Sales for both West Coast Armory and Bellevue Gun Club, and has even opened accounts under the name “Packing Pretty”. More details and some of the supporting documentation can be found in the recent status update. It is unknown whether or not Mr. Chapman was able to somehow access the Facebook page as well. I wonder if this guy is trusted customers personal information at his job…

To be fair inquiries have been sent to Lance Kilgore, president of West Coast Armory, Bellevue Gun Club, and Weapon Outfitters asking for an explanation as to why his Online Sales person is attempting to assume the identity of Packing Pretty. Unfortunately, Mr. Kilgore has declined to respond, however in a response to an email asking about why his employees are attempting to use Packing Pretty’s trademarked property to promote their firearms training business, Kilgore responded by saying “I consider your personal attacks to be slanderous, harassing, threatening and libelous and you are not to contact West Coast Armory or myself again.” Is this character for real?

Please be patient as legal counsel is working to regain control of the Facebook page and have it restored.