Saturday night, my husband, Dave and I checked in to Hotel 50 in downtown Portland, Oregon to kick off the Crimson Trace Media Days. After meeting up with Shelley Rae from Western Shooting Journal, we headed down to Portland City Grill for happy hour and dinner with the media group as well some really great reps from Nike, Otis, Danner, and of course Iain and the gang from Crimson Trace. Leatherman was kind enough to sponsor our dinner and drinks and provide us each with a LED LENSER P3 flashlight. Thanks, Leatherman!

Sunday was spent at Albany Rifle & Pistol Club. I tried my hand at some 3 gun drills  for the first time in my life and had a blast (thanks to Iain Harrison for putting up with all my questions). It’s something I could really see myself getting much more into. More on this first escapade to come!

There were some manufacturer booths at the event which made for some serious considerations for my next retail therapy session. I’ll be doing full work-ups on many of the manufacturers/products shown here, consider this a preview. Please note that I’m not going to lie to you, my dear readers. My enthusiasm seen in the pictures is legit – CTC got some real quality manufacturers out here who are working with some fascinating, cutting-edge technology.

One of the things I was really eager to try out, and am now eager to purchase when it makes it to the market, was a sweet new .308 from Colt featuring a really neat adjustable gas block. Many of you already know how much I love the .308 round, but I’m really looking forward to having the ability to adjust the gas block in mere seconds to help cut back on recoil.

3 awesome girls, 3 awesome Colt rifles. With Annie Foster from Colt and Shelley Rae

I was all sorts of excited about the Danner booth, as I am a loyal Danner customer. Their boots are super comfortable and not too in your face, hardcore.  And, let’s be honest for a moment here… I’m a woman, and Danner is a shoe booth, it was only natural for my girly side to seep through a bit.

Otis blew me away with their innovative cleaning systems. It’s like discovering the fun of gun cleaning all over again.

Flir showed up with some pretty dang amazing  infrared cameras that made me seriously consider selling my car so that I could afford to purchase one. Don’t let my comment scare you away though, I just happen to have my heart set on the $12,000 model. They’ve got some gear for significantly less than that.

Crimson Trace had a booth there with lasers rigged up onto blue guns. I was reminded once again how much I’d like a laser rig for each and every one of my firearms. They also had this…

Next up – Crimson Trace 3-Gun Midnight Invitational match… stay tuned!