In my Introduction to the Girls Gun Getaway, I shared with you a little bit about how the whole event got started and who was there. Today I want to start delving in to the details. (Thank you for your patience on this subject. I spent the last week in Vegas and didn’t get a chance to write much about the subject before I flew out).

I was lucky enough to get to travel with Shelley and Anette out of Seattle and meet up with Natalie for the last leg of our journey. Not at all surprising if you’ve seen the Facebook photos –  our several hour drive from the airport to the ranch was actually an adventure in and of its self.

As Natalie mentioned in her article, a phone was lost. Yeah, that was mine. It was crazy going through an entire weekend without my phone. You may have noticed a lack of Facebook updates and tweets on my part over the weekend: I apologize, but at least now you understand why.

As women we have needs, and some of those needs are: food, caffeine, ammo, and accessories. To meet those needs we made a few  stops on our drive to the ranch. On our first stop we entered (and quickly exited) a seaty Wal-Mart. It was honestly the scariest Wal-Mart I have ever been to, and they didn’t have anything we needed. To quote myself as I was looking for  a pocket folder ” This is the worst Wal-Mart ever!”.

We then stopped at Five Guys for dinner, and this is where my phone decided to spend the weekend. About another hour down the road we hit up Starbucks, where Natalie’s phone took a swim in a bathroom sink. We were set for another few hours before stopping again at another (far less seaty) Wal-Mart to purchase a knife, ammo, razors, and some other essentials – you may have seen the Facebook photos.

The four-hour drive from the airport to the ranch was actually a lot of fun, and it was nice to get to connect with a few of the ladies prior to arriving.

Anette wrote a beautiful account of our journey at

One of the many things the group discussed doing during our getaway was hunting. I am not a hunter: not so much because I don’t want to try hunting,  but because I don’t have the gear, the money to spend on the gear, or the time. I probably could have gathered together some camo and a rifle for last weekend, but it seemed like a little too much work to gather and travel with.  As it was, my suitcase weighed 63 pounds.  And I feel like I should be honest here: while I would like to learn how to hunt, I prefer my time in the woods to be a bit more comparable to a Disney movie. I want to sing with the birds and dance with the cute critters, surrounded by wildflowers and trees cloaked in a fairytale-like moss. Even though I grew up camping, hiking and playing the woods; rolling around in poison Oak, getting attacked by an infantry of ticks, and sweating it out in the heat and humidity was not what I wanted to be doing on my vacation.

Shelley Rae, on the other hand, took her first hunting trip on Saturday morning. You can read all about her hunt for coyotes with Beth Cowgill, Julie Golob, Lacy Duffy, and Marti Davis over at the Western Shooting Journal.

Beth Cowgill (L), Shelley Rae (R)

Throughout the course of the weekend, we shot some awesome guns – including a handful provided by Beretta and Smith & Wesson. All of the girls brought some of her own collection to share with the other women as well. We had the opportunity to shoot a 50 cal, and even blow some stuff up.

Here I am getting ready to detonate … (wearing my super awesome Wounded Warrior Project paracord bracelet).

One of the highlights: shooting Julie Golob’s match AR-15… LOVE the pink mag.

A few of the girls shot my “Pink Gun of Shame”, I think they liked it almost as much as I do. It matched Natalie’s shirt!

A butterfly landed on me and hung out for a while.

We had some great group discussions that resulted in some great ideas and a lot of laughter. As I mentioned in my previous article: building relationships with these awesome women was my favorite part of the whole getaway.

I wish I had thought to get a picture with EACH of the girls…. They are all so great!

On the long drive back to the airport, things were much quieter. Our late nights and early mornings had run us all down. It was actually pretty funny when compared to our boystrous ride to the ranch.

All that being said, I’m already looking forward to next year’s GGG!