Many of you have probably already caught wind of the Girls Gun Getaway via #girlsgungetaway. It’s been talked about on facebook, blogged about at Ammo Land and Gunmart Blog, and tweeted about like crazy. Pictures have cropped up, and one or two have even gone viral. But what the heck was this getaway really all about? Well, as Natalie from Girls Guide to Guns explained in her article, it started out as a conversation on twitter between us ladies, and quickly grew into something much bigger and whole heck of a lot more fun then tweeting.

The best part of the entire getaway was getting the opportunity to build relationships with other like-minded women. Women who work like dogs to be a positive force and set an exceptional example for females in the industry. Let me introduce you to the other ladies who attended the GGG.

Julie Golob ( – Team Captain for Smith & Wesson, professional shooter,  veteran, author, mom. As if even one of her occupations isn’t  hard enough, Julie seems to excel at everything she sets her mind to. Check out the about page on her website to drool over her titles and accomplishments.

Barbara Baird ( – Barbara is such a sweet heart. She is a pro when it comes to hunting and outdoorsy stuff. Her website is chock full of great information that even a prim West Coaster such as myself can decipher and understand.

Shelley Rae ( – Shelley completely amazes me. At only 23 she’s taken the idea that was Western Shooting Journal and turned it into an impressive magazine. Shelley is also a guru when it comes to social media, networking and just about anything in the industry.

Anette Wachter ( – You don’t want to pick on Anette, this woman can shoot! Anette is a long-range competitor and high power champion who has picked up 3-gun competition shooting. If you ever meet Anette, bring tickets, because she has to have a gun show license to just to be able show her biceps in public.

Natalie Foster ( – Talk about making waves of change … Natalie has turned Beverly Hills housewives who hated guns into shooters. How does she do it? She makes it fun! Then again, Natalie can make eating turnips fun. Natalie’s website is the gateway drug for women who would otherwise not be interested in firearms at all.

Beth Cowgill ( – Beth is a competitive shooter, a blogger, hunter and a mother. Beth is a pretty hardcore outdoors woman. Even though she makes a mean breakfast casserole,  she’s one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Marti Davis ( – this lady is hilarious, I think we all laughed the hardest when she was cracking the jokes. Like Barbara, she seems to know everything about hunting. Marti led the hunts on our getaway, and even though I didn’t attend the hunts, I hear they were a lot of fun.

Gabby M ( – I’m pretty sure that Gabby had the most energy of all the girls at the getaway. Full of ideas, this girl never really stops thinking and creating.  Her enthusiasm for shooting and design is shared on her blog and at her Armed Candy merch store.

Lacy Duffy (NRA Women’s Network) – Lacy was such a joy to have with us. I can see why the NRA has her on their team, she’s a great representative of women in the shooting industry. Lacy was one of the hunters, and apparently she’s great with squirrel calls.

Fate of Destinee (Fate of Destinee on youtube) – Destinee makes fun videos and writes about firearms. She’s got a popular youtube channel as well as the skill necessary to keep people interested and waiting for more. Destinee brought some of her awesome collection of firearms for us to shoot. She also took a ton of great footage of the event.

Where was this getaway? On a ranch in Missouri with a breathtaking view and floor plan to die for. Of course this meant a ride on an airplane for most of the ladies.

What did we do? Well, you will have to check back for a rundown on each of the adventures!

We also had some AWESOME sponsers who supplied us with everything from food to guns, ammo, swag, and assistance with explosives: