I am currently in the process of renovating the Packing Pretty office. I’ve picked the colors (no I’m not painting the walls pink) and some of the wall art; but I need your help for the most important part. I want to surround myself with inspiration while I work, and YOU are my inspiration. You are constantly reminding me why I do what I do. Why I write, why I teach, why I care. You are what drives me, keeps me in check and encourages me to be better.

If Packing Pretty has inspired you, motivated you, taught you, or even just made you smile – please send me a picture of yourself along with a short testimonial. I want to hang your picture in a collage in my office  as well as post your picture and testimonial on a new section of my website. I want to hear from the men too, not just the ladies!

When you send me your picture, please send me some info as well:

  • Name
  • Where from
  • Age
  • A short testimonial of how Packing Pretty has impacted you

NONE of details listed are mandatory, if you want to remain anonymous, don’t want to send a pic, or are uncomfortable sharing your age… I understand!

Please send your pics and stories to

Suggested subject line: I inspire Packing Pretty