Reading Material Tuesday. You know the drill: fresh cup of coffee, cupcakes (or whatever your thing is), and eager mind.

I haven’t had much time to read at all over the past week, so the list is pretty short today.


A Salut to Our Troops – by Richard at Guns Holsters and Gear <— Packing Pretty’s Pick of the Week!

USPSA Women’s Titles – by Shelley Rae at Gun Nuts Media

The Women’s Champion – by Caleb at Gun Nuts Media

*BREAKING* LightSabers are finally real! – by Gun Mart Blog (Yes, I’m a bit of a Star Wars Nerd)

Room Clearing 101: Four things you should know about Close-Quarters Combat – by Jeffrey Denning at

“God, Guns & Guts” : Dishonest Portrayal of Gun Owners – by  Steve at The Firearm Blog