Okay, it’s Tuesday. Time to share some good articles with everyone. Grab fresh cup of coffee, we’re going  kick this reading list off with an interview by My Gun Culture with Sprinfield Armory’s Rob Leatham!

Springfield Armory’s Rob Leatham Discusses Wayne Gretzky, Jackie Gleason, and Getting Whooped By His Sister – by Tom at My Gun Culture <— Packing Pretty’s Pick of the Week! (because I love Springfield XD and XD(M) )

Teen Smith & Wesson shooter Molly Smith captures three titles at SW Regional ICORE match by The Outdoor Women’s Network (Packing Pretty loves Molly Smith!)

My daughter just taught me a little about the natural point of aim – by When The Balloon Goes Up!

Shooting in a Winter Wonderland – by Nick Savery at GunUp

Pro Tip: Know Your Limitations by Gun Mart Blog

Shelley’s Gunsite 2011 Highlights – by Caleb at Gun Nuts Media

Why is shooting at center of mass a good idea? – by When The Balloon Goes Up!