The Mighty Pen Company Bullet Keychains in
.223 Zombie Z-Max, and .308 SST

Here are just a few of the cool products you will find at The Mighty Pen Company. I saw this .308 round (150 grain) key chain with the SST bullet and knew it had to be mine. I have an affinity for ammunition (I absolutely love ballistics) and for the .308 in particular.  The .223/5.56 Hornady Zombie Z-Max round key chain was a close second for my favorite “bullet key chain“. It is also available in .30-06 with the SST bullet.

I can honestly say that The Mighty Pen Company’s customer service is outstanding. They first made an impression on me when Doug sent me a personalized email saying that they got my order and that it would be arriving in Washington shortly. Later, when I received the package, I had another pleasant encounter with Doug.  I accidentally ordered the .223 Zombie Z-Max round  instead of my beloved .308  SST  round. Within a five minuets of sending an email off to The Mighty Pen Company, Doug had emailed me back ready to help in any way he could. And help he did!

Be sure to check out the othe cool products from the Mighty Pen such as the 50 BMG razors. I know where I’m doing some of my Christmas shopping this year!