A few interesting facts about my life…

Ever wonder where your dogs are going to be and what they are going to be doing when you have to shoot an intruder?

As many of you know I have three dogs. I am an animal lover through and through – which is why I don’t ever want to put my dogs in a situation where they could get shot. Most people who train their dogs to respond during a home invasion train their dogs to attack, I’ve taken the opposite approach.

Molly takes personal protection very seriously

It’s not hard to train  Beagles and  Pembroke Welsh Corgis NOT to be attack dogs. They are naturally very social animals. However, they do get protective at times, and the last thing I want is for them to be jumping up on the guy (killing him with kisses) who just broke into my house, compromising my line of fire. Ever since they were puppies the dogs have been trained that when my husband or I have a gun in our hands, their job is to go to their crates. Believe it or not, it seems to work pretty well. While I haven’t had anyone break into my home to test their obedience when the shit hits the fan, I have had them practice when someone who is a stranger to them comes to the house (of course we use blue training guns when we are going to point them at people).  Sometimes, we also yell “Get on the ground!” when we are holding the guns. This really drives the message home to the dogs. They have been trained that their beds are called “the ground” for this very reason. Verbal confirmation of what the gun in my hand is saying.Until the occasion arises that someone actually breaks into the house, I can’t be 100% certain that the dogs will comply. However, for what I have simulated, they have done really well. Of course, this means the dogs aren’t fond of gun cleaning day.

Another discipline that I have trained my dogs in is match etiquette. After I put their food down, they have to wait for my instruction to eat. When I RO matches I have to give this command: “If the shooter understands the course of fire: face downrange load and make ready. Shooter ready? Standby…” then the shot timer buzzes and off they go.

When I’m ROing feeding time for the dogs,  It sounds something like this: “If the hounds understand the course of feeding, face downrange, lick your chops and make ready. Hounds ready? Standby… Go get it!”