Photo credit: Stuart Miles

Today is Tuesday. That means it’s time for me to break out the google reader and share my favorites from the past week. Grab fresh cup of coffee or tea (tea is better for you) and tune out the sound of your boss bitching about TPS reports.  (I have a confession to make, I have 2 Packing Pretty Picks of the Week this week. Both articles were so good that I couldn’t pick just one) Here’s the list:



Willing to Kill but not to Save a Life? – By <—Packing Pretty’s Pick of the Week!

 Get her a revolver, it’s simple! – By When The Balloon Goes up! <—Packing Pretty’s Pick of the Week!

What makes a gun easy to shoot – By When the Balloon Goes Up!

Speed vs. Accuracy By Caleb at Gun Nuts Media

OC: Bullets & Ballerinas – By Natalie at Girls Guide to Guns

Rihanna’s Inspiration for Her Role in ’Battleship’ – By Natalie at Girls Guid to Guns

Putin: Russia Will Develop Psychotronic Directed Energy Ray Guns  – By Max Slowik at

What is cognitive dissonance and how does it apply to shooting? – By When The Balloon Goes Up!

Intuitive Behavior: Scanning – By Jim Glennon at Blue Sheepdog

SHOOT Tip Tuesday – Cross Dominance  – By Julie Golob