Alot of shooters and law enforcement officers wear UnderArmour gear to keep warm and dry in those cold months. The problem is, after about a year or so of wearings and washings, the shirts seem to get a funky smell to them. I can’t describe it, it’s not necessarily terrible, it’s just not fresh. Instead of going out and buying a brand new UnderArmour top for $60, I decided to do a bit of experimenting with the washing machine. Low and behold, I found the magic chemistry (no, not the recipe for meth).

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  1. Spray your garment with OUT! Oxy-Fast stain & Odor Remover . Let sit for 15 minuets
  2. Pour 1/2 cup of the OUT! in the “liquid bleach” section on your washer.
  3. Wash garment in washing machine with Tide liquid detergent, or your usual detergent. I’ve found the Tide liquid does well with eliminating odors.
  4. Dry as usual.

UnderArmour comes out smelling like a rainbow stretching across a river surrounded by pine trees…or something.