CONFESSIONS OF A GUNAHAULIC – What is wrong with me?

My Sprinfield XD .40 subcompact with the extended magaizne, and my 4.5 in XDM 9mm in PINK!


So I was at the range teaching an Intro to Oregon (and FL) Concealed Carry  class on Saturday. Everything was pretty much status quoe, but when we got to the live shooting portion, I shot terrible on my demos. I was pretty irritated with myself; so after class I shot about 200 rounds of 9mm through my XDM  (also known as the Pink Gun of Shame) very slowly so I could concentrate on the fundamentals. There was about one second between each shot, so when I say very slowly, I mean very slowly. Anyways, I was all over the target. I had about three sets of groups going on. I finished off the last of my 9mm ammo and because I still wasn’t happy with my hits, I transferred over to my subcompact XD .40 (I wanted to stick with the same platform). Oddly, I shot better with the subcompact .40 then I did with the full size, 4.5in 9mm. I still wasn’t eating out the center of the bullseye though.

 Finally my husband handed me our SigPro 2340 and said “Try this forty cal”. I was reluctant to shoot it, as I was obviously trying to diagnose my problems with the XD/XDMs and didn’t want to lose my focus.

 “No, leave me alone.” I retorted.  If I ran out of .40 ammo I could switch over to the XD .45.  I am very stubborn and usually won’t stop trying something until I get it right, especially on the range.


SigPro 2340

My husband again insisted that I shoot the SigPro.  So, as  the loving and obedient wife that I am (in other words, just to shut him up), I loaded a magazine and shot it.  To my surprise, I ate out the very center of the bullseye. I also got the opportunity to shoot one my student’s new  Chiappa Rhino .357 Magnum revolver and I bored the center of the target out with that as well.  And of course this got me thinking. What the heck is going on with me? I am the first to admit, if I’m not getting good hits, it’s probably me, not the gun. But now I’m confused beyond belief.  The XDs and XDMs are what I primarily shoot, train and compete with. Plus, they are a very easy gun to shoot and master. Why am I struggling so hard with it now and not before?

On one hand, I know I’ve got the fundamentals down if I can pick up any other gun and shoot it well. But then what am I doing wrong with the XDs? I know it’s not the sights…otherwise I wouldn’t have had the same problem with both the XD and the XDM. I don’t think it has anything to do with the trigger, all my XDs and XDMs have a really nice after- market combat trigger job.

I can’t figure this out, and I know I’ve got a pretty smart group of readers. If you guys/gals have any idea what I could possibly be doing, please share your thoughts. I am good with criticism and need some things to brainstorm here.

By the way: as you all know, I LOVE the Springfield XDs and XDMs, I am in no way insinuating that my poor shooting reflects on their products.