For all my lovely ladies who haven’t already heard, Packing Pretty has put together a Pinterest board dedicated to feminine fashion that also works for concealment. All of the pieces are hand-picked by yours truly so you can build a gun-friendly wardrobe. Every woman is shaped differently, and I’m only an expert at my personal shape and dimensions so it is important to view each piece of the collection with the same critical eye you use when shopping from anywhere else.

Click the image below to visit the board at Pinterest…

Packing Pretty's Pinterest Board "Gun Friendly Fashion"

A few tips:

  • Buy a size up. Looser fit clothing conceals better, I always buy my garments one to two sizes up depending on the cut/fit of the garment.
  • Patterns, dark colors and textures are all your friends. These help conceal the “gun bump”.
  • Fuller dresses, skirts and tops create folds in the fabric – perfect hiding place for your gun!
  • Wear your gun when you go shopping, that way when you try stuff on, you can see how it fits with your sidearm.
  • Make sure that whatever you decide to wear, you can access your gun quickly and effectively.


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