This is a guest post I did for Train to Carry on why it is so important that we get proper training before carrying concealed.

All too often I hear of women who bought a handgun or received one as a gift, shot a few rounds through it (maybe they took a basic handgun course, maybe they didn’t) then they threw it in their purse and forgot about it. I think a great misconception is that if someone has/carries a firearm they are protected. In reality, the gun can only protect you to the extent in which you know how to use it. The weapon is not so much the gun itself, but the brains and skill behind it. This is why good defensive training and practice is so important. Understanding the tactics an attacker is using on you and being skilled in your own defensive tactics are vital to successfully warding off the attacker. With the right training and skill building exercises, even the smallest of women can overpower a predator.


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