As a mom to three dogs ( 2 beagles and a corgi) walks, runs and playdates at the  dog park  are a normal part of my day-to-day life. As I was gearing up to take the dogs out the other day, it occurred to me that, once again, I had almost forgotten to bring those little plastic poo-bags. I shared a quiet chuckle with myself as I contemplated just how wrong it is that I never forget to put my gun on when I leave the house; however, I always forget to bring the other imperative items that every other girl in the world wouldn’t leave behind (like my cell phone, chapstick , and in this case, poo-bags). For me, putting my gun on my hip is like putting on shoes, it’s just what happens before I cross the threshold from my home into that great big world beyond.

Now, some women have asked why I bother carrying a gun when I’m walking three dogs. Afterall, they will protect me right? Well, that’s just not the way I see things. First and foremost as a human being, I belive it is my right and my responsibility to protect myself in a legal manner no matter where I’m going or who I’m going with. Secondly, as “Master” I feel it is my responsibility to protect them (my dogs). Besides, since when has Fluffy warded off an attacker more effectively than a 9mm?

This lends another question: how am I going to get to my gun when my hands are full of leashes, little baggies filled with fecal matter, and treats?

Secondary Weapon

The answer is this: if I encounter a life threatening situation, leashes and treats will be tossed aside. My dogs are chipped, collard and tagged. I will more than likely get them back. However, as for the poo-filled bag, I can use this to my tactical advantage. Throwing a warm, smelly torpedo in an attackers face, whether he be human or animal, might just throw their groove off enough that I can gain the element of surprise of when I draw my firearm.

Just a little something to consider next time you take Fido for a run….