“The typical example is tactical doctrine in which a standard set of maneuvers, kinds of troops and weapons are employed as a default approach to a kind of attack.” – Wikipedia

In order to be effecient in self-defense, it is crucial to develope your own personal “Tactical Doctrine”. According to “Tactical Pistol Shooting” 2nd edition, there are three “keys” threat avoidance. These include:

  1. Street Smart:
  2. Threat Analysis
  3. Trade Craft

After studying the blurb following each key, I have decided to put their descriptions in my own words and terms. Hopefully this will make it easier to grasp.

Street Smart includes mental prepartaion and conditioning. This meanse to develop key #1, we need to not only train in physical defense, we need to train our minds for defense as well. This is called the “defensive mindset”. ( Keep your eyes open for more on “defensive mindset” in my next post!) . Have you ever heard the term “you fight like you train”? This is one of my favorite mantras because it is so true. Bearing that in mind, doesn’t it motivate you to learn more and train harder?

“In a life-threatening situation , you will not rise to the occasion; you will simply default to your level of training”.  – Tactical Pistol Shooting 2nd Edition

Threat Analysis is built upon the foundation of awareness. Situational awareness is the number one tactic to staying safe from an attack. You should have your head on a swivel, be aware of changes in your surroundings and follow your gut instinct. Situational awareness has kept me from becoming a victim, from having my gun taken off my own hip and used against me. There is far little that is worse than being shot, but I would consider being shot by my own gun one of those few.

As you pay more attention who what is going on around you, you will start to notice that your subconcsious often gathers and retains information faster and better than your concious.  Once you have built the habit of staying aware, you will be able to analyze your attacker much more clearly. Just like on Criminal Minds when the team gathers as much information as they can and then use those clues to fill in the blanks.

Tradecraft is basically trianing. Like I said before, you trian physically; but you must put equal, if not more, effort into training mentally.  All I can say is : train, train, train and then when you’re done; train some more.

There may well be more main keys to your personal defense doctrine; this is something you should think about, write down, and practice. Remember, when under attack you must act immediately and action is always quicker and more effective than reaction.