So there is a new trend that is sweeping the runways, the stars have been flaunting it and it infiltrated tourists’ closets back in the eighties……………The fanny pack is back!  I NEVER thought that in my right mind I could actually justify the existence of such a catastrophic accessory, but now that Marc Jacobs and Alice Roi have hopped on board, things are looking up for this sinking ship.

Now I have to be honest here, fanny packs are considered a viable concealed carry method. In fact, the NRA (along with Black Hawk, Uncle Mike’s and a few other companies) have manufactured them with built-in holsters for this specific use. However, I personally would not be caught dead in fanny pack that didn’t meet the latest trend’s specs. It is so easy to get this one WRONG, ladies, and I am not convinced this fashion fad will last much longer than Pipes jeans and platform sneakers.


There is a variation from the fanny pack called the “belt pack”. My research has yet to lead to one with a built-in holster, but I have read about people successfully using them for concealed carry.

Fanny packs I would avoid:


The puppy fanny pack. Because you never know when you are going to run out of toilet paper! ….Just kidding. But really, this is ridiculous.




I’m all for cute and cuddly, but this just screams creepy to me.



 Leave the Disney characters to the kiddies.