Which handgun is the right carry gun for you?

Well ladies, you can ask the guy behind the counter at the gun store or your significant other and he will probably suggest something small and light. Being a woman, I constantly have the clerks at the gun store trying to shove tiny sized and tiny caliber guns down my throat. For example: the Keltec .380. They assume I have no clue about ballistics or the laws of physics in general. Do yourself a favor and educate yourself. It will get you a lot further and not to mention, it impresses the heck out of the boys!

The real answer is that there is no right answer anyone can give you.

A handgun is something very personal and everyone needs/likes something a little different. Different handguns work better in different situations. You have to decide what works best for you. Try out as many handguns as you can. A lot of indoor public shooting ranges rent guns out for you shoot while you are there. This is a great way to get the feel of the weapon and determine your chemistry with it. Another way to shoot a variety of guns is to show up at your local gun range and starting asking men there about their pistols. Not only will they be thrilled to look like the “gun master” to a woman, but they will more than likely want to “share their toys” with you.
Of course, you want to base your decision(s) on several factors. However, these can be grouped into 4 general aspects to consider when choosing a carry weapon:

(not listed in order of importance)

  1. The size and conceal-ability of the gun
  2. The reliability of the gun
  3. your ability to use the gun fast and effectively
  4. And the caliber of the gun

I have written separate articles to guide you through each consideration.

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