One of the most important decisions you to have to make, as a lady, is whether you are going to carry your handgun in your purse or on your body.


Carrying your pistol in your purse can be a lot easier than carrying one in a holster on your person. For example, you don’t have to worry about the conceal ability of the clothing you are wearing. Many companies even make purses designed for easy access to your gun, but superb conceal ability. With these purses, you can literally turn your purse upside down on the store counter and dump everything out. The gun is in its own separate and easily accessible compartment. Some of these “gun purses” even have airplane cable inside the strap so that a thief can’t cut the strap of your purse and take off with it. Carrying a gun in your purse can get heavy though. Even a little air-weight revolver J frame can feel like a World Book hanging from your shoulder after a long day of shopping at the mall.  And there is also the consideration of whether you have the tendency to leave your purse unattended frequently.


Carrying and concealing a pistol on your person can be a daunting challenge; but safer than in your purse. With your gun on your person, the chances of having your gun stolen are drastically lower. Another plus to carrying in a holster on your belt is that your gun is literally at your fingertips in the event that you should need it. It is by far faster to draw from a holster than a purse. Even one tenth of a second can mean the difference between life and death. It is also safer to draw from your holster than your purse because you have much more positive control over the muzzle of the gun. You know exactly which direction the muzzle is pointing and with proper training and practice you can keep that muzzle from sweeping innocent bystanders. You may get some back and hip pain when starting to carry in a hip holster or in your pocket; but the more you carry your gun this way, the sooner you will develop the muscles necessary to “pack the heat”.So the safest solution is to carry on one’s person. With the gun on your hip and up against your body, you should have positive control of it all times. It is much easier aned quicker to access your firearm from your hip then from your purse, and in a world where a girl can be attacked in seconds: speed is crucial. Go ahead and throw a backup gun in your purse if that makes you fell better; but don’t bet your life on it.